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Social Welfare

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Private Fostering & Adoption of African Children: The Lost African Child Unit

The unit is involved with wide ranging activities aimed specifically at addressing the growing concern about the way African children are abandoned, fostered and adopted in the United Kingdom. The unit is helping to create awareness about the worrying number of African children being placed in foster homes through private non-regulated arrangements, without much consideration for their cultural and emotional needs.

The Unit Offers:

Counselling, Advice Sessions from an African perspective, Training Sessions on African concepts of family and family structure, workshops and seminars on all aspects fostering and adoption


  • Church commission for Racial justice Church
  • Urban fund
  • Celestial Church of Christ, Stratford parish in Poplar Telephone 079 5600 3431
  • European Social Fund (GB)
  • East London and City Health Authority
  • City Parochial Foundation Trust