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African Women's Welfare Association

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Social Welfare/Care

The unit is involved with wide ranging activities aimed specifically at addressing the growing concern about the way African children are abandoned, fostered and adopted in the United Kingdom. The unit is helping to create awareness about the worrying number of African children being placed in foster homes through private non-regulated . . .


The Center is dedicated to raising awareness of sickle cell and thalassemia in the community, especially amongst people at risk and medical care providers. It provides quality services in the community aimed at sufferers and their families, in partnership with carers, hospitals, health authorities and non-health professionals.

Target Community

AYOKA, in principle targets African woman living in the UK. However, many associated individuals and groups have benefited from its Services, which stretches across several disciplines. In particular, families and friends of African women have benefited greatly from more than a decade of committed service in the UK.


To work towards the enhancement of the quality of life of African women and their families who live in the United Kingdom, focusing primarily on their general well-being -health, education, socio-economic and cultural fulfillment. To create abundant opportunities, which would enable women and their families to acquire various skills to improve their living standards through structured training and enlightenment projects. To encourage African women to utilize the skills acquired to empower themselves so that they are able to compete with others, in the labor market as well as realizing their Creative and intellectual potentials within their own communities and the wider society in general. To work with African woman towards reducing the barriers instilled by racial disharmony and injustices in certain sections of society.

How We Assist

Drop In, hospital and home visits, shopping and befriending. Networking for information and advice from relative organizations and offering medical information and advocacy on behalf of Centre users. .


The project aims at promoting African women’s health and socio-economic welfare. To create opportunities to help the women achieve independence in all their endeavors. To promote indigenous African traditions. . .

Outreach Work

We have Key Social Worker services for hard to reach clients, Mentoring and Sessional Worker services for partners and other women’s groups in the community, led by highly experienced and qualified trainers and counsellors . . .